Garden Fencing in Altrincham


At Altrincham & Timperley Fencing & Landscaping , we’ve delivered excellent garden fencing in Altrincham as well as the surrounding areas for upwards of 20 years. By continuously supplying excellent products at the best prices with quick job completion, we offer a service that is unparalleled within the fencing industry.

As you may expect, our varied clients include a selection of commercial and domestic customers, however we also produce garden fencing for local tradesmen who appreciate our craftsmanship. A good indicator of the high quality of our garden fencing installations is that a high proportion of our business comes as a result of word of mouth recommendations and referrals.

Bespoke Garden Fencing in Altrincham


Maybe you’re considering making use of sophisticated-looking concrete fencing to create a more prominent boundary with a neighbour? What about creating a captivating, almost whimsical appearance by using picket or trellis fencing? Or maybe you would like to fence off your allotment or even a children’s play area, keeping them safe from harm. No matter what your requirements, you can be positive we’ll accommodate you.

A Wide Selection

Some of our additional fencing options include wire fencing, security fencing, a wide selection of wooden fencing including bamboo and much more, all at competitive prices yet still delivering quality and value for money. Additionally we have access to all the important garden fencing materials which include panels, posts, gates and far more besides. We also offer an extensive variety of fence paint colours, should you wish to brighten them up.

Providing a Great Customer Experience


If you would like assistance or support designing your tranquil outdoor sanctuary, our garden fencing team will be happy to supply you with a wealth of sensible yet innovative tips and suggestions based on our 25 years of expertise and experience. The one thing you will not want to do is end up hiring a company or handyman who lacks in competency or reputation, and there’s no reason to; our prices are reasonable, our services outstanding and the standard of the fencing is exceptional. Our team at Altrincham & Timperley Fencing & Landscaping continues to deliver customer satisfaction through providing a great customer experience in tandem with our strong work ethic.

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