Gravel Board Fencing in Altrincham


Gravel boards protect fencing panels from moisture which can kick start the rotting process. If your fencing is near plants, soil or any sort of foliage, the moisture can seep into the wood, causing mould to grow and also causing the wood to rot and split. We provide gravel board fencing in Altrincham and the surrounding areas, available in various styles, so if you want them to stand out or to blend into surroundings we are sure to have the perfect solution for you.

Attractive and Functional Gravel Board Fencing

Gravel boards in Altrincham protect wood from moisture. Moisture comes from soil and plants. Basically, any contact with earth will cause moisture to enter the wood, causing damage. So if your fencing is in contact with earth, you will need gravel boards. Many people worry that gravel boards will ruin the aesthetics of their garden, especially next to plants. However, with our huge range of gravel boards available, we have options that can blend into the surroundings, so they are less noticeable.

Protect Your Fence From Moisture Damage


Gravel boards in Altrincham are an excellent way to prevent moisture damage to your fencing, particularly if it is timber fencing. However, if your fencing is on block paving, a concrete path or any hard landscaping, gravel boards are not needed. Gravel boards simply act as a barrier between fencing and soil, and an extremely effective one, at that. Installing gravel boards is an effective way to protect your fence panels without ruining the aesthetics of your garden.

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